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Gold 2

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Gold 2

Holy Cow, I can't belive it I made Gold 2. I was stuck in Gold 1 for 15 months. Don't give up, it can be done. Have a plan and stick to it.

Sun, 12/09/2018 - 10:16pm

Thats an amazing show of determination. Way to go.


that is impressive, good on you...congrats


Congratulations cousin.john!


Well done! Good job sticking it out! Perseverance is one of the factors that separates failed traders from the successful!

G2 is a different animal with a $1k account, keep this in mind, as it can depending on your strategy have a big influence on your trading (if you relied on working into positions with many orders over a price range for example, you will find you have many less "bullets" in G2).

Watch the volatility too, going into year end now it can get slow or choppy, tough time to be entering G2.


Well Done Sir! I hope to join you soon.


Congratulations cousin.john!!


Congrats John ... hard work, but you never gave up!

Next station funded and off to a great year!


Why did it take you so long?