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gold 2

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gold 2

i am struggling to get over this level. thinking to quick.

Sun, 12/16/2018 - 10:20pm

G2 is a tough one. Depending on how you trade the smaller account may need some getting used to, but it is essential you adjust as this is what funded will be like.

It is also end of year markets, so slower than normal, and it has just been I think difficult the last few weeks. GJ may also have been extra tough given the brexit issues (not that EU wasnt spikey enough on its own).

One thing to bear in mind, is G2 is not so much a "level" to get over, like previous ones. This is one step before funded, so whilst you could "pass" with some luck and time on your side, even just clicking randomly you may eventually get all green and pass.

But once you are in G3, there is no more escape hatches. In G2 your mistakes will drift into the past and you can pass expectancy just by waiting out the clock and being a little more profitable than you were before, but overall deep in the red. In G3, you cannot. You now have to trade to profitability. Plus there will be the additional psych element of knowing that you mistakes won't be lost in the 30 day history, but haunt you until you trade out the hole, so this adds an extra element of challenge.

So G2 is the time to be sure that you have a bit of an edge, and think you can confidently trade your G3 account.

I came into G2 quite confident, made a mistake (sort of, it wasnt my main strategy but an EA I copied that I knew I shouldn't) which dug me a hole. Out of that though, I found I still have some issues with trading after a big loss (fear), and additionally I found the last few weeks difficult for my strategy, in that I battled to get onto right side, and when I did, I never got more than a few pips in green before it turned, meaning I have lots of winners I had to cut short, making my avg loss/win stat very bad.

So instead of driving for G3 regardless, I took this bit of time to work on myself and my strategy a bit to see if I can better handle this very slow type of market in future.

I think that's the way to handle G2. To get to G3 and find you got through G2 by luck, an start digging a hole into your funded account would be a big confidence buster, with the fear of that 20% limit starting to stare at you.

Keeping those achievements can be tough, as they are measured over many trades, but in real life you would need to ensure you trade well every week, month and year, so its not something that you will worry about just in G2 then forgot. You will be tracking those types of stats forever, so its a good practice now!

If you have specific issues, you can post them and there are lots of smart people on here who could advise you.