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Gold III in 6 months

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Amanda White

Gold III in 6 months

It has been quite a bumpy journey but I made it! I have tried a few different strategies but for now my most recent and successful strategy is selling high and buying low! I have been almost just strictly on the EUR/USD pair and have come familiar with it's patterns. I have been watching for its highs and lows. If I don't have any orders in, I will generally wait for it's daily high or low and place and sell on the high and so on. I'm not a very big risk taker yet and am very timid so my prefund has been nothing but .01 and only 1-3 orders at a time. My 'take profit' is set at 10 but I will also watch it and take profit sooner if I sense a reversal or let it go longer if it's trending. Length of trade depends on how long it takes to hit my target! Either a few hours or several days. 

Anyways... I'm really excited I finally made it and hope to make some good profit here so I can at least replace my income and then some! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Mon, 01/14/2019 - 1:24pm

Congratulations! I am stuck at Gold 2 right now, so I don't have any advice. I have been doing a lot of trading overnight, but have gotten killed the last week. I'm down 177 pips. I may try your strategy.


Amanda White, Congratulations for accomplishing this task. My advice stay calm and focused with .01 and then after 2.5K maybe depending on your history (run the numbers) move to .02. Remember to stay consistently positive and the Apiary funding program will do the rest.


Congratulations! I am little slow moving but will be there soon. Koy Znae-kakvo shte stane !!!!


Wow, your strategy is very similar to mine. i have been using Eur/usd and gold. i also have a small take profit. Was locked out in January as i felt gold was high and would come down, but it went even higher and I had too many sell trades open. Since that experience, I have at the most 5 open trades. Now working through Gold 3, but feel I still have so much to learn. Happy trading...


I have been in for three months hope to get off gold 2 and get funded by feb

Amanda White

Thanks everyone! It's definitely been a heck of a ride! I got stuck in Silver II for quite a while and couldn't get a grip! I had forgotten everything I was doing right! Finally I got back in the groove! Just gotta keep those emotions in check for sure!


Congrats on G3 and also for the tips. best of luck in your trading.


Congratulations On Getting Back On Track Amanda, It Can Get Exciting Making Money. Remember To Always Be Discipline With Your Trading Plan!!!