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Good video to watch


Good video to watch

Hi Bees,

I create this to topic to put all good video / recording.

Please give the link or the title so we can share the knowledge

I will start the list on the next post

thank you,


Thu, 06/11/2015 - 12:11pm
Disciplined Profit

It certainly helped me.

Good pips.


Where is the video


@kplus ... "Where is the video?"

On page 1 ... every new page just repeats the initial OP question/query as a sticky on top.

Keep Calm

Thanks for sharing.


Where is the video?


I heard about this guy several years ago. His approach is interesting...but is it feasible? I am curious if anyone else has heard of this approach to trading?

He trash talks technical analysis and (in my opinion) is sacrilegious so if you want to just jump to his method skip to 13:00 and watch from there.


pk, you might want to check the URL you posted out.


I corrected the URL


good stuff!!




thanks for the info


Interesting video... I think I probably should have just forwarded to 13:00 and started from there :D


ok I probably will get back to you later time to syudy


thanks for the videos


When we are new traders and particularly newbees, We want, we want
often we get stuck in a zone, called the performance zone and not much time in the learning zone and keeping a log analyzing it and making adjustments, to maybe we get stuck in the I want to know everything mode thinking that is the real earning mode. And for some, it is a learning mode is the scientific [principles are tested.

But mostly I think traders get stuck and frustrated and fall by the wayside. There are very few as has been pointed out so many times that are willing to endure the process of becoming a consistently profitable gambler. Oh if I say gambler, I meant trader; for the long haul.

Working hard but not improving? You're not alone.

How to get better at things you care about.

To our success! Enjoy.

Dave L

Thanks for sharing


Thanks Rookie, will check it out!


Lots of Info to get to.