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Has anyone seen this before???

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Grady E. Morris

Has anyone seen this before???

Has anyone seen this before???  I attched a PDF with a picture of my chart.

Double Pivot Same Candle.pdf90.33 KB
Wed, 02/27/2019 - 2:14am

Hi Grady, I think that bar is an error on the part of Alveo. I got the same bar on my Alveo chart.

The reason that I think that the error is in Alveo is because I am running realtime data through Oanda and I am running streaming data through Genesis Trade Navigator, and neither of my other data platforms contained that crazy bar.

Occasionally, a glitch in data occurs, and in the case of Genesis and also Tradestation, I contacted the vendors and they acknowledged the glitch and fixed it. I hope that the bar did not trigger any entries or offsets in your Alveo account, unless they were profitable!


I haven't seen that yet


I agree with zerohits, that large candle (the lows) seem to be an Apairy data error, my MT4s don't show such extreme lows, though interesting over that period the CME futures seem to have lost their data feed which maybe contributed to a sudden lack of liquidity then

Given pivots simply mark swing high/lows I think its fine for a single bar to have two, if that bar has both the highest high and lowest low of recent bars, which is this case it does.

One would only see that on a very volatile bar in a flat market for example, but I guess it doesn't come up often.


Its Alveo. Alveo has alot of issues i think