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Have you experienced slow , laggy, speeds on your charts?

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Have you experienced slow , laggy, speeds on your charts?

I have recently ran acoss alot of lag..., slow charts..(such as ummm market doesn't see to active in the last 45 secs....bam! instant jump up! 20 pips...haha

 well I did a little research and discovered  that 6 gb of my 8 gb in my pc is being used by "Chrome"Bad memory usage..I updated it and tweaked (dumped abunch of junk apps and extentionss, and wow what a difference. I thought I would give a link to the 5 things you can do to help the chrome leach. It made a world of difference for me.

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 1:57pm

@Ricky thanks so much. Gonna try it out now.


Thanks for sharing. Having issues lately so I hope this helps.


When trading, I do the following first :
ctrl+alt+del to activate task manager
kill every active tasks
Then start Alveo

Do not start email server until you quit trading. Have a cheap laptop for emails and other tasks which require system resources like memory and bandwidth.


Ive noticed some latency issues which is odd because my other trading platform MT5 doesn't have nearly the latency issues Ive seen with Alveo.. (Usually get max 100ms or so with MT5 My trade latency is 79sec but the quotes are concerning were talking 1/2 sec here usually running 500-600ms on quotes and I have a 300M cable modem connection which reliably kicks out 200M-230M usually the only time it lags a little itll dump into around 100 when people are home but honestly that's down time for me anyway at dinner time and such from 1700-2100/2200 in the evenings.. Not sure why the quote latency is what it is.. I'm going to be buying a new desktop soon anyway as this one is a few yrs old even with it being an I7 processor its one of the older ones .. Been looking at something I can run Alveo on along with an instance of cooltrader which is autotrading and such in Stocks, Bonds, ETF and options and needs a decent setup to run it successfully.. (If I'm putting up 900 upfront for a software license for them I intend to make sure I'm getting my moneys worth.. On demo trading using a couple of algos with them managed to run up my acct 10-15% in a few months without much effort and its all done through (Ive always been a fan of diversification of my efforts so not to have all eggs in one basket).



very smart and well planned, looks like is working out for you. great

Alveo has been running great compared to before, and they always working on improving with succes.

thanks for your share.


For what it's worth, I dumped Chrome about a year ago in favor of Opera, and I have ZERO desire to switch back. All the painful lag that I once had with Chrome is completely gone. Plus, I found that it required very little effort to switch.

You might try it for a day or two and see if you like it. Obviously, just keep Chrome installed until you're convinced.


I was experiencing extremely sluggish charts, it was difficult to scalp trade and became very frustrating.

It turned out that removing all of my chart objects that I added every day and never removed for a couple of months solved my sluggishness problem. I was trading with slow response for over a month. I am now very happy with alveo's speed.

Hopefully this will help someone experiencing a similar problem.

Happy Trading!


Less is More with Alveo. It appears to be "built" on 32 bit coding, so any pc over 4 yrs old has alot more "translating" to do for the software to function over these operating systems and newer mac-styled botnetting software apps.


I also trade using the Alveo Beta version. That helped a lot.