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Having Alveo open


Having Alveo open


Do you have to have Alveo open to make take profits and stops work. I yesterday had nearly completed 5 profitable days in row and had made a trade wnere I set take profit to 2 pips. I then closed down Alveo and shut down my computer and went to work. When I returned I saw that my trade had went above the take profit line but it was not closed. And then the trade went against me. So i drew the conclusion that Alveo had to be open and now I have to start a new round of 5 profitable trading days. Do anyone know it is so with Alveo?



Wed, 05/29/2019 - 10:27am

good observation! thanks for sharing and asking.

yes, I do leave computer open even if screen is dark, i find that it works well like that, and that is a big improvement. that has work well for me for the past few months.

except for this past weekend, same here... no take profit triggered, after take profit was reached, and not triggered i close trade for break even ) lucky time not to close at a loss.

hope this helps.

other answers would be appreciated, as I could be wrong.



Yes, this keeps getting me in trouble! Right now I see that none of my stops triggered and I'm deep in the red now on a few trades. I am not going to open Alveo back up until it starts coming back my way, otherwise, again, I'm right on the cusp of Gold Ⅱ, and because the stops and take profits arent' triggered if I don't have Alveo open, I'm going to have to start my 30 days 'positive expectancy' all over again! I'm about 5 months into Gold Ⅰ and ready to enter Gold Ⅱ. I now don't know if my trading is really as bad as it seems. Also, once I get back home, have a image that shows price go right through my stop-loss, I watched it go right through in front of my eyes. I've come so far and I don't want to stop. Granted I've learned a heck of a lot about trading this past year, and Apiary Fund is a wonderful program, they just need a better application. I wish they would integrate into Tradingview. I wish I can lock my prices in so I don't accidentally move it when working on my chart. I wish I can hide open orders so I can see my charts. I've put these 'feature requests' in but I don't know if they ever will do anything. I'm being very patient and hope they get things straightened out! Also, I hope Gold falls back below 1287.6 (I shorted at 1286.83 and it went the wrong way. Not a big deal if my stops worked, but they didn't and it was back about 20 pips at one point... All i can do is watch my statistics and the chart on Tradingview and hope the bears are stronger - otherwise here we go again! I'm literally at -$0.05 on my expectancy, I just need to get that positive and I'm in Gold Ⅱ. Sorry for the long rant, but yes - sometimes the stops don't get triggered, most of the time if Alveo is closed. I leave my laptop on all the time, but I had to bring it to work with me so I had to shut it down.

Edit to add: It finally closed my trades by 'Service' twice as far from my stop-loss than what I had programmed in, a few hours past it initially reached my stoploss. Best I can say is don't leave any open trades without Alveo running, which is kind of hard to do, especially on longer term swing trades.


I also have noticed the problems with Take Profit and Stop Loss orders not being filled when Alveo is closed or disconnected. It is actually even a bit worse from what I have seen in that you can have Alveo open but be in a different account (such as practicing in a Simulated account instead of your Beeline account) and trades in the other account won't fill until you switch back to that account. I found that out the hard way with a few trades that did not fill at my SL in my Beeline account because I was in the Simulated account.
Now I just don't switch between Alveo accounts unless I don't have any trades running in my Beeline account.

There isn't much you can do about the different account problem, but if you want to go to some extra effort (and probably expense, depending on what you have sitting around at home), you can have a special machine running just to keep Alveo open 24/5 (I close mine on the weekend). Apiary offers their Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans which are cloud servers pre-configured with Windows and Alveo on them for a monthly fee, which is probably the easiest method. Just have one of those where you never close Alveo and then you log into the VPS remotely from your laptop. This way also allows you to run Alveo from a Mac or Linux computer (you are actually running it on the Windows VPS, but can connect from any major operating system).
I set up my own server instead of using Apiary's VPS and connect to it when I am away from home also, but that involves a bit more work and research to do, so I would recommend the Apiary VPS route for most people.
For Apiary's VPS, go to Software at the top and then the VPS link, or directly here:

Other problems can pop up even with a VPS or your own server, especially during Alveo's scheduled (or unscheduled!) maintenance, or if Alveo loses connection to the Liquidity Providers or your server loses connection to the internet, so this isn't a perfect solution. However, all of those problems would affect you on your laptop Alveo also, so they aren't additional negatives, just things to be aware of.


Thanks. I have begun to have my computer on and Alveo open whenever I have trades there. 'Even when I am not home. This has worked so far.


I honestly do not EVER, close out, logging out of Alveo except for maybe on the weekends. My laptop stays on 24/7 even though I have it closed. I just do not ever close out my Alveo during the trading week. So far has worked okay for myself. Are there any advantages with Alveo, closing it on a daily/regular basis?