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Having a hard time completing the Emotitag 10 trades

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Having a hard time completing the Emotitag 10 trades

I need to get this part done to move from Silver 2.
Anyone have any helpful hints how to?

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 1:55pm

For the record, you can still use One-Click but the Emotag has to be added AFTER your order shows up on your open trade list. Simply modify the filled order. You cannot Emotag after an order is closed. It merely measures your emotional level but in this case just after the order is filled. Hope it helps a bit.


Thanks I was wondering too how to emotitag with one click trading!!


no can do, place the trade, then open the order and select the emotag.


Hi Journey I went to setting and closed off 1 click trading completely. When I went to place a trade you then get the chance to write a quick note and add emotag. Once I had 10 emotag - then went back to setting and added back the 1 click trading. Hope this helps


Thanks for the Tip FrankS ... re how to add an emotitag AFTER placing the trade eg ..go to Modifiy Trade Button and ad it "While the trade is still live" .....I had been trying to add them by right clicking on the open trade in the Open orders panel.... Just don't change any of the other settings eg SL..TP etc unless you want to


I was having a hard time with this too, but got it completed now, thanks to those who posted here.

Keep Calm

I got the same situation, I have tried some tips above but it seems not to work. But thanks guys for help.