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Im learning how to hedge its awesome

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 1:12pm

I was once with a broker who's strategy was to never close a loosing trade. If your opinion changed then you would open a hedge position until you have a new opinion. This kind of strategy requires constant objective re-assessment. Without a hard and fast stop loss the market is likely to win the psychological battle over an inexperienced trader because you have to make new decisions while under the pressure of being exposed to market fluctuations. Having said that, I do not rule hedging out as being invalid strategy at all. But it's certainly not one that I have seen endorsed at Apiary as of yet.

Mike Smith

well this Adobe Connect doesn't make it easier. It acts like a child with ADHD. When I change the tab the video stops and the audio keeps running. Is it my pc or do any other people experience this? I have to refresh the page to get the video working again and it takes long time to reload if I move the slider to different time.

It could be Chrome. I'll try other platforms.

I do not trade placing one side against another, to me that is allowing bad money to run.
If the trade is bad just get out. Sooner rather than later, Place another trade going with the trend.
To me, a true hedge is when you purchase anther cross to offset a loser, why? just close the loser. Keep the winner.
Or when you purchase a commodity such as Gold or Silver to offset ad risk associated with currency.

Mike Smith

It seems Internet Explorer is not having this problem. I would discourage using Chrome for Adobe Connect.


I use Chrome without issue.