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Hello Introduce Myself

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Hello Introduce Myself

HI All,

Cliff notes about myself. Oh that just dated myself say to my age. I am a Husband and Father of 3 kids. 7, 3.5 and 6 months. I have been trading for a bit and love doing it. I own a business in the health care space for the last 15 years. I hope this can help me have some more time freedom to spend with the family. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Look forward to working with you all.


Matthew Copper

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 9:14pm

I am a professional IT Manager here in Los Angeles. I will be retiring next month so devote full time to new learning skills to bur low and sell high or vice versa.
Manmohan Bhamra



Welcome both to a wonderful adventure. Make good use of the Hive , its here for you!

About the attachment, the dates aren't important as they are repeated classes for all.

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