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My name is Kimberly.

 I just earned silver III but still am interst in learing Staregies and Resources 





Mon, 07/29/2019 - 2:07am

A great resource to check out is the "Desire to Trade" YouTube channel.
You can find interviews with a lot of really good traders and maybe find someone's teaching and trading style that resonates with what you're looking for.
The guy in charge of the channel also posts a lot of great content describing how to grow as a trader and what it takes to become a successful full-time forex trader.

Good luck!


Stephen, thanks for the site referral, while I have watched any of the podcasts yet, I looked over the recommended book list. It's almost identical to mine... One item of importance to me was the listing of Kathy Lein especially the 1st book, "Millionaire Traders".