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Help! Alveo orders not loading

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Help! Alveo orders not loading

Since Friday, I have been getting "cannot trade until your orders are completely loaded"  message 

Anyone know what's and why this is happening? 


Sun, 02/09/2020 - 9:29pm

I would recommend sending an email, with screen shots, to


i am going through the same. it is so annoying not to being able to trade esp when my indicators are telling me to place positions!!!!


@broslansky, yes thank you, I guess I will wait til tomorrow to get this figured out.
@c517, it is annoying. This started on Friday for me and thought everything will be all good if I wait it out!


Hello everybody, i work in Apiary Fund Support, we are sorry for these issues they are known and we are working hard to get them fixed. It is a server issue that we are trying to isolate, and correct. As a side note i saw that somebody above posted the wrong contact information to reach our support team. it is


Hi I'm also struggling with the same problem too, but able to trade in my simulated account!


Hey traders!

When I posted the Support email, I went from memory. I should have researched it.

Sorry. :(