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Help and How To

Hi, I cannot set buy and sell limit orders simultaneously. The first one appears at the price at which I set it, but when I set the second one, it defaults to market price and immediately triggers the order. Quite frustrating. 


Wed, 05/13/2015 - 9:26am

General guide:
BUY-STOP or SELL LIMIT--> Entry price must be above the market price
BUY-LIMIT or SELL STOP --> Entry price must be below the market price

hope this help
Thank you,


How do you scroll backwards on a chart?



What can a trader do when servers are down besides wait patiently?

Does it mean that for certain charts it might open or work?


When servers are down you can check out news and other markets on the internet. There are many places you can watch markets and find out what is going on.


How do you set a trailing stop in Alveo for x number of pips? Is it based solely on initial stop placement? This may need a feature request to add in x # of pips, but I'm missing that part of the feature.


The trailing stop trails pip by pip. So it is based on stop placement.


You set your trailing stop in variables by your initial stop such as 20 or 15 or 7 as it goes into profit it trails. If down the road you want it closer or farther you can drag the line and it will trail from where you drag it . It is not bad once you understand what it will do but I would like to be able to automate it more.

Matts Back

Just woke up to 170 pips, I really need to know how I close half a position ASAP, thanks

Chuck B

Hi Matt:

Sorry, but there currently is NO way yet to PARTIALLY close out a position in Alveo that I know of.

Suggestion for now:
1) close out your current position - thus "locking in" the FULL profit :-)
2) open a NEW position of HALF the size - thus "simulating" having kept half of your "current" one open.

Ironically, you should end up with MORE profit this way, assuming that IF the new "half-position" does "go against you" [just as it might have had you been able to close out half of your original one], you close it out at the same loss.

And of course, now that you know we can't currently close out HALF a position, next time you could open TWO "half-positions", IMO.
OR open a "full" one again and consider implementing my two steps above !

I hope this is helpful :-)

- Chuck B

Matts Back

Thanks Chuck

Chuck B

YW Matt :-) Hope I helped !

- Chuck B

Matts Back

Its just I got in to a habit of using drag drop scripts on MT4

Chuck B

Me too on MT4, Matt.

And I traded my Funded Account on MT4 right up until the end, when Divisa "unceremoniously" shut us down ca February. Yet I was still able to acclimate to Alveo reasonably quickly - and I am a slow learner - so I am sure you can also. Especially since, based on your picture, you are probably several decades younger than I am !!!

- Chuck B

Mr. Anderson



A really old fashioned way to liquidate 1/2 of a position is first, to open the trade with only the entry, quantity and SL, no TP. Then place a separate order reversing - i.e. closing - 50% of the quantity at the desired TP. That leaves only 50% of the position open. A second reversal order at, say, the breakeven SL or a second TP will close out the rest of the position. In ancient times orders were placed this way by phone. ;-)


This is not effective on Alveo, as it turns out. Prob. because FX positions are not traded on a single exchange and thus can't be made to offset each other? In any event Chuck B's suggestion is def. the way to take out 50% of a position. Liquidate the entire position, then reenter 50%.


most will 'double tap' meaning enter 2 half positions to begin with and close only one in due time while letting the other 1/2 continue on
- OR -
On the flip side - why not protect capital and reduce your live risk exposure by adding or Scaling IN while the price moves to an Ultimate (planned) target where you would flatten all at once - capturing the pips from multiple orders while having keep live risk well managed throughout the ride. This method requires one normalizes his/her risk with each added positions. - meaning the SL moves closer to price each time a position gets added. and all orders have the same Ultimate TP. One can start his positioning smaller and add bigger or start off heavy and add smaller - its up to you really keeping in mind the 2% and 5% rules off course.


I strongly prefer to scale into larger positions (starting off small) the way that JF described, and a bonus--assuming a fixed position size (for each newly added trade) and fixed interval size--is that the full position will become (and remain) a free trade from the time that the 3rd partial position gets added--no matter how many partial positions eventually are added.


Anyone know of a way to persuade either an Android TV browser, PS3 browser, or WebOS LG TV browser to play the training videos? I can access and play the videos from my Android smartphone and from a PC, but sometimes it would be nice to play it on the TV. But can't get the Adobe Connect system to run on anything that connects to my TV. I've also tried to cast it from the phone to the TV but so far no luck. Of course this isn't a must have thing; just a nice option. Seems to me there must be a way.


OK, I've done over 200 trades now and I seem to be finding my feet. Where can I find a summary of how the ApiaryFund system works? i.e. What size funded account to start with and how does it progress from there? What is the largest account I can expect to manage after a good track record on a funded account? etc.


Luc, once you have a good equity curve on the 10k demo account , you move to a pre fund account of 2500 and do a hundred trades or more at the smaller size and if you prove your money management skills here then you get an interview with the fund manager, Ron. He will ask you about your trading methods and stop losses. If he likes what he sees he will allocate you a $2500 real money account. After 3 consecutive months of profit they will allocate more money for you to trade. And every 3 consecutive months of profit you can move up in size all the way to a $250K account size. These are the general rules for advancement and yes if you screw up they can cut you off and take you the other way back to demo . Hope this was helpful and good luck to you.


The summits videos with Ron, as well as course 12 cover these is a lot of detail as well.


Thanks very much. Clearer now.


Is there any way in Alveo to keep lines permanently displayed on a chart? I bounce between two computers and one closes the other so I lose all of the support/resistance lines I draw and have to redraw them every time.


Hi John_2,
Right now Alveo can't save the object list if you close the chart or you sign out Alveo

hope this help,


4XNorm, you stated the following; After 3 consecutive months of profit they will allocate more money for you to trade. And every 3 consecutive months of profit you can move up in size all the way to a $250K account size. Which is correct! My question is this, Is there a minimum profit level required; such as $100 or $500 and so on; for a trader to be considered for the next level? What is the determining factor?


biz I was told that profit is profit and therefore a penny of profit shows that you have protected the bank from loss and are worthy for more. If you have zero win or loss it shows that you didn't risk anything and hoarded it so that would start you over. ( kinda biblical in nature )


Thanks 4xNorm, that was my understanding; never had a loosing month! I hope you have done well!


Question, In Bee-line when it ask you to trade in the first two hours of the session. Are you suppose to close the trade after 2-hrs. Or are they asking you to trade for at least 2 hrs. in the session?


To trade in the first two hours of a market session simply means that you should execute an order during the opening, this is to get you out of your normal habit of trading the same session, such as Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. You can open a trade and leave it open for the duration or you can open it and then close it before the two hours, it is up to you!


Thanks for that explanation bizjango!