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Help From the Forums


Hello Fellow Bees:

For one of the penultimate tasks in Silver-1 calling for a post in the forum, I visited the community forums intending to find out what kind of postings are called for, and I made a few realization—discoveries, if you may—that will certainly help me in the subsequent phases of my Beeline journey. And, I am sure my realizations could be helpful to other ‘younger’ bees too.

In the Forums, I first came across an article How Jim Davis Got Funded with The Apiary Fund written by a Tanner Garrett. While the article is quite dated way back 2017, Jim’s shared story and the comments and reactions of fellow bees to the Jim’s sharing are very educational, inspirational, psychologically comforting and boosting, or otherwise significantly helpful in my continued Beeline journey. I am not alone after all in my Beeline struggles; shared stories of similar struggles do help a trading struggler to persevere.    

Eager to further learn about the newly discovered trading resource and as I am about to enter Silver-2, I next explored the post entitled,  Silver II - 4th Down Conversion, 3rd Down Conversion, and 10 Pip Rush. And although I have no idea as yet what these items are all about as I have yet to reach Silver-2, I gathered that they are difficult tasks.  I further found out that there are suggestions in the Forums given by fellow bees who’ve passed Silver-2 earlier.

In short, the Forums do also provide helpful approaches or techniques for one to more quickly hurdle otherwise difficult tasks in the Beeline journey.

From now on I think I will frequent the Forums in my subsequent Beeline stages.

I also recommend and urge fellow ‘younger’ bees to visit the forums; you will definitely benefit considerably in doing so.

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 8:51am