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Help Needed on Trailing stop


Help Needed on Trailing stop

So I am negative on pips yesterday due to trying to get the trailing stop to hit. I would have won the 2 traded, but must have done something wrong with the trailing stop. Trying to get beeline completed on this level to move up. Thanks in advance

Thu, 03/31/2016 - 8:23am

Not sure if this is your problem but if you close alveo the trail stop doesn't work anymore and has to be reset.

Man of Time

A trade needs to go positive before the trailing stop will work. If you set your stop at 10, and your trailing stop at 1. If the trade goes positive 10 pips, the trail will be back to your open price, you will still lose money if the price comes back on you and you get stopped out. If the trade goes 11 pips in your favor the trailing stop will be at +1 pip of your open price ------- If you set your stop loss at 2, and your trailing stop at 1. The trade needs to move 2 pips and your trailing stop will be back at the open price. If it moves 3 pips it will trail to 1 pip of profit. If the price comes back on you, it will be stopped out with profit, unless you experience slippage. Todd had about 20 pips of it during a news event today.