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HELP! No Trailing Stop Line

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HELP! No Trailing Stop Line

I'm reaching out because I have no visible "Trailing Stop" line. I had one last week, but as of yesterday, I have nothing. I am stuck in Beeline Copper III because I am not able to complete the one challenge "Use a Trailing Stop to Close a Profitable Trade." I even re-watched the attached video, thinking I missed something, multiple times. I have had multiple good investments where this challenge should've been a piece of cake. Yet, when following the simple directions to complete this challenge, I have no Trailing Stop line to utilize when in Alveo.

I've begun to move forward in my education with the "Library" today. I figured I'd at the very least continue with the education process. In this case, once this issue is resolved I may just be ahead of my game independently. Nonetheless, I'd really appreciate it if anybody has some pointers on how to get my Alveo working properly, or how to get my lines back?

I've already reset the "default settings" for all of my charts (just an fyi). That didn't work! Thank you in advance :-)

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 4:49pm

Sounds like you have no stop at all. Set up your TP and S/L in one-click trading and select the TS (Trailing Stop) box to have it trail from entry. Or, if you already have a trade with no stop running, right-click it in Orders and select Modify Order. From there, enter the price you want your S/L to be at and select Trailing Stop. Hope this helps!


Boss is right on, you on;y get a line for the stop loss if set but no line for the trailing stop loss.


Thanks you guys! The problem is the Stop Loss is set, but I'm getting no line on my charts when I select Trailing Stop.


It's the same stop/line (brown). When it is set to trail, it will move with price (though it only moves in the direction of the order).


I get that! It's like I have my "Buy" line (which is yellow). My Stop Loss line is orange, but it does not show up at all on my charts when I choose a Stop Loss or a Trailing Stop.

Should I just reinstall?


Perhaps you could share a screen shot of your chart with the lines and a screenshot of your template settings.

Best in trading and life to all.



It sounds like you are coming to the conversation with a point of reference how the trailing stop is supposed to work and what you are seeing is not that picture. I suggest you take a step back and re-read the comments above and also be flexible that Alveo does not work like the picture you have. It sounds like that in your picture the stop loss line (orange) and your trail stop line (not being shown) should be two separate lines. That is the picture it sounds like you are describing. In the world of Alveo, the other commenters have expressed that the stop loss line and the trailing stop line are not two distinct lines. That is the first thing to embrace or try on. They are saying that in the world of Alevo that the trailing stop (not the trailing stop line) is a dynamic feature applied to the stop loss line (your orange line). That you can activate or deactivate this dynamic feature in the Order screens if the trade is already going or in the new/modify order box that pops up upon instruction. This would only give you one line on your chart, a basic orange line or a dynamic orange line that moves up with price action. To set the space between your dynamic stop loss line (trailing stop) and price action look in the variable section in Alveo. To test if this is accurate, set the TS distance and activate it; write down the SL and PA levels and when PA moves in your favor, see if your dynamic SL line moved as well. It sounds like you have some experience and once you get used to the world of the Apiary Fund and Alveo you are going to do great. I hope this helps.