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Help with Silver 2

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Help with Silver 2

Hi All,

Just wanted to ask for some tips or strategies people have used to pass 3rd and 4th down conversion.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 1:23pm

If I remember I just ripple fired 10 trades off at 0.01 and hoped for the best, account balance be darned. And then kept my finger on that big red X to close them out.

If I had to do it again I'd go to a volatile pair like GBPNZD on M5 and look for a strong trending candle without a wick and make sure I was nowhere near a resistance level. But watch the spread. You'd have to catch it at the right time of day. That being said, GBPUSD might be a better call as far as the spread is concerned.

You have to do a LOT of standing on your head and jumping through hoops in Silver 2....when you get to Silver 3 you'll probably laugh (I did) at the achievements. Blew through it in a day. Then Gold is all about refining and streamlining YOUR ideas. Which is a different kind of hard but feels more worthwhile. Good luck!


I am in Silver 2. I am surprised that I am moving thur it much faster than I anticipated. I have 3 items left to conquer. I use the same 7 pairs in my trading. I do not stick to the same pair for all trades. The markets are in a turmoil with the virus. I passed the 3rd and 4th down conversions without knowing I was trying to do it.


I use 7 pairs as well. The challenges of Silver 1 prepared me for Silver 2. I'm working through the challenges faster as well and with more confidence. The 3rd and 4th conversion to me were all about momentum in the trade. Once there was good momentum I added positions without being overly concerned with a reversal. It kind of worked into my regular trading.


Something I can help you with is giving a chance to watch real trades and give you mental hold on what you should expect

The silver level really test your knowledge of your strategy and how you control your emotions

Also if you want to see how real trades actually go, I have a youtube trading channel in which I post my daily trades.
It's called Just One Good Trades and you get to see everything, the wins the losses, my mentality, my strategy and my thought process.
That's one thing I wish I had the change to watch 2-5 times a week in order to jumpstart my trading

Check it out, subscribe so you can get the daily videos and let me know how I can help you


my biggest hurdle right now with silver 2 would be the 50 pips, 3 20 pips and the 5 10 pips in a row. Currently I have been seeing more success in scalping the EUR/USD. Back when I was making huge pip gains I was also making huge pip losses. so my struggle may just be getting large wins without large losses.

Any recommendations for vids on longer term larger pip trades?


Yep watch any of the Rex Monday night long term trade class.


Thanks Rookie, I'll do that