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help understanding price and time cycle

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help understanding price and time cycle

so i watched the video and i just want to make sure im understanding this

say im looking at a chart its trending upward and at a point of small consolidation/pullback using the example in the video i count 4 expansions and 4 pullbacks

price cycle count - the pips of each expansion and divide by 4 and the total is the average price cycle in pips projecting to the upside
time cycle- how many candles in each expansion and divide by 4 to get the average time it will take for it to complete that cycle projection to the upside
all this to determine tp

the same for the pullbacks to determine the stop loss

look at what i have and determine if the risk to reward is acceptable in entering the trade

if either the price cycle or time cycle isnt met as calculated above the validity of this is in question so if time cycle is met but price isnt yet its time to decide how secure profit ie trailing stop closer or exiting completely


Sat, 10/05/2019 - 9:14pm

Yep. You got it. It's an average of the size of a number of prior moves and and average of the time it took for those moves to complete.


Thank you boss_hogg


Very helpful question