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In my short association with Apiary, the support has been tremendous. Each time I have called for help,it has been with courteous patience while making me feel a little less stupid. Thank you.

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 12:46pm

6:47pm Poplar Bluff Time (Chicago time) getting lots of errors I'm guessing servers are down for Memorial Day as it should be. Don't forget to put your flag up. About 1.4 Million service men and women have died since the founding of this country to give us the right to trade freely so give the Service men and women Honor by at least putting up your flag!

Have a good Memorial Day!


Thanks olhickory2000, I agree wholeheartedly!


I have a order that is still running and all my orders are closed


Chucky I have had this happen as well take a screen shot of the platform try to get the unrealized pips and pips for the day in the screen shot. Then send to Support, they have told me this is what they need to understand and fix. The more that send the better an sooner they will fix.


This is an issue that Apiary Fund developers know about and are in the process of fixing.