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Hi, I'm Geraint Been here 2 days now

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Hi, I'm Geraint Been here 2 days now

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to being a more consistent trader with Apiary.

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 12:59pm

Great, you'll see how good the education and tasks really are


welcome to the hive reallysimpletrading, as one of our excellent traders has written "trading doesn't have to be difficult"


Hi and welcome. Apiary works. I started Dec 15 2018. I am learning a lot and if you stick to a good plan you can go quickly.
Check the forums for info on speeding up your Beeline. Lots of good stuff. Plan each trade, implement the plan and win more often than not.

I trade short term using RSA default. I wait until the second candle completes on an M1 for a change of direction dots (second dot) and trade by that.
Going for 2 pips per trade. Manually close all.
I wait for the rush to die down from the opening in the various centers.
I place trades with .01 lots. Always make 2 trades so I can close 1 at 2 pips and see if it keeps its direction Take 6 no matter what.
Sometimes I make more than 2 trades. Depends on the chart.
I have done OK with this. 40 pips so far today.