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Working with EUR/USD

Obviously working towards my winners and losers being highly consistant. Achieve a high pip count 99% of the time need to bring those run backs down.

Adapt a style that works with the market conditions.

I begin with analysising the D1 but more importantly keep the H1/H4 up on my ipad keeping an eye at all times on the direction of the market for weight.

Enter my orders on M1 and sometimes M5 with PENDING ORDERS inside the larget candles historically for the reversal depending on direction of the priority market.

Put occassional market orders if the market is moving rapidly to top up the pips.

NOTE please that I have to get smarter at the whiplash if I am not at the computer. This at the moment is my weakness. I am achieving really good focus on the direction but get caught out over the 2% if away from my computer for any un-forseen length of time.



Thu, 10/04/2018 - 4:18am