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high volatility

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Pavneet Ghai

high volatility

What does a trader need? Un doubtable answer volatility. The primary reason to post was, a requirement to move ahead in beeline Silver 1. Then I thought how about a productive post which can be a help in the future.

Which are the currency pairs that are high in volatility and what time are the most active? (Market timing. I would appreciate valuable feedbacks with a list that you feel is the best and has high volatility and its timing.

I am also keen to meet traders from Arizona, Chandler. One may call or text me at 6232008993



Pavneet Ghai

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 12:32am

Hello Pavneet, The best time for me is between 5 AM and 8 AM Pacific Coast Time and 10 PM to 2AM Pacific Coast Time. These
time frames provide the open and close of the largest markets but also are in sink with my normal sleeping patterns. Everybody has to find the place that works best for them. I am a beach kid, if you love to surf you always have one eye on the surf report. If you love to trade you will probably end up with a price alarm on your smart phone and trade when your price point is hit which could be anytime day or nite ! These guys at Apiary are geniuses they know if we don't connect the hive will lack cohesive alliance and teamwork. I am here for the purpose of moving forward on Gold 2 and am pleasantly reminded that we are not here for
ourselves alone. Pavneet I hope I was of some help to you !

Dale Blome'

i and am pleasantly reminded that we are not here for our benefit



About volatility !And whats next in the forex market.
Chris capre shares his decades of experience in a video.
and myself (utuberify)commented on what I think is necessary not to be ignored.
We are at a all time low with volatility now in major pairs !!
I traded GBPJPY because it is the most trending and most volatile,at leastit was .
for a few month now it is going sideways wich made me think about the reasons and future outcomings related to this.
I created the topic "future of the forex market' exactly for this reason.
Not to be pessimistic,but to be aware of all probabilities related to a global environment.


@caflischmartin, good post,

ponder this, a yes all-time low in forex volatility but all-time high in the release and production of fiat money.
This correlation is documented on Bloomberg and in Jeff's CATT class sometime back.

I will catch the video posted. Thx.
Watched the video and he is right on, his solution into other things such as options and metals is good also.
I'm still learning forex, my solution to shrinking volatility is two-fold, trade layering and trading either a correlated or noncorrelated pair at the same time.

Pavneet Ghai

Spreadlight, Caflischmartin, and rookie thanks for your comments and guidance