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HMA and Bollinger bands

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HMA and Bollinger bands

Hi, everyone. I have just achieved Gold2. What a milestone for me! My strategy has been to use Shawn's wobble technique. Also I have been entering trades, either long or short ,immediately the candle., or wick of a candle touches, or penetrates the Bollnger band. Generally there is a reversal. Judgement is needed to determine the amount of reversal that will take place. This can, in a measure be understood by the speed of the direction the market is moving. Sometimes the reversal is only and then the previous direction is resumed.  or two candles. Many times the reversal is confirmed by the HMA changing colour.  I have found that, as the HMA only changes colour about three candle after the wick or candle has breached the Bollinger line, that a large portion of the direction has been sacrificed and often the momemtum slows down resulting in not being able to profit from the reversal.

Sat, 03/30/2019 - 6:04am