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HMA Muliple Time Frame

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HMA Muliple Time Frame

 I really like Todd's HMA strategy, and I use it from the beginning. I only changed some rules abouth entrys, I know he does it differently.

I am looking for alingment of HMA(200) on h1, h4 and daily time frame. I think this help me to find the setups with higher probability. I put all these HMA on my H1 chart, so my indicators are (on H1):

Macd(26,52,18), ATR(14) for target, HMA(10), HMA (200) + HMA (800) and HMA (4800).

        HMA(800) because HMA(200) on H4 is 4*hma(200) on H1, H4=4*H1

       HMA (4800) because HMA(200) on daily is 24*hma(200) on H1, Daily=24*H1

Long entry: if HMA 4800, and 800 and 200 is blue (bullish) and hma(10) become blue, and macd is above 0

Target is ATR (14) on H1. Stop loss last pivot low, + some pips

On Alveo platform I can not set up those HMA, but on MT4 my Hma can show me even the 4800. It is same if you open all 3 time frames with HMA(200), just for me it is more simple on H1.

I have to admit, that I am analitical type of trader, so I am looking for a setup only if I see reasons for entry by analysing, I never do it only based on indicators. I miss a lot of good trades, but I skip most of losing.

Unfortunately, I am a bad looser, and I know it. :)

Wish You a great day!

PS: Sorry, for my bad English.


Mon, 04/08/2019 - 10:06am