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HMA Stochastic strategy

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Jamie Rice

HMA Stochastic strategy

My strategy, HMA 200, HMA 10, Stoch 5,3,3.  If HMAs are showing bullish, I will go long when Stoch shows underbought, turning up.  If showing bearish, I will go short when Stoch is showing overbought turning down.  I mostly trade this on the M15 chart, but use H4 and H1 to verify trends.  This strategy can be used on M5 timeframe too with some good luck, though I think M1 is too whippy.

This has gotten me through Silver I and Silver II.



Thu, 03/01/2018 - 8:51pm

Hello, thankyou for the strategy I like the Stochactic will check it out let it run on a few trades. Will let you know how it went for me.Thanks again 1TrueSteely4u


Great job, I just moved on to Gold1. it took me a while from silver 1,2,and 3. I did mine on mostly scalping Shawn style. Definitily try yours some time on next trade.

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Hey, Jamie,

Nice strategy. I have been using HMAs and Stoch with some success, but on a longer time frame--4H and daily. I will give the 15 minute a try.

And CONGRATS on your speed. Moving from the starting block to Gold I from January to the middle of March is no small task!

I expect you will be funded before you know it.



Jamie Rice

Thanks Bruce! I am going to try this strategy on the larger timeframes, as I have taken some losses lately (mostly due to improper execution of this strategy due to time constraints).

First day trading the Gold account, I hit the 5% risk threshold, impatience and over-positioning is my biggest killer. Clearer heads will prevail tomorrow.


I have tried that thts cool


Looks good, thanks for sharing


I use baxically the same strategy but use the 20 EMA, 20 SMA, 50 SMA and 7,3,3 Slow stochastics with the same entry points as Jamie. I trade this on the H1, M15, and sometimes enter on the M5 with Support and Resistance as an exit. I like to call this "When the Stars Align"