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HMA Strategy

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HMA Strategy

Hello everyone.

I just reached silver III and I got that far using the HMA Strategy.  I started scalping on a M1 chart and that was working for me until I reached silverII with the larger pip requirements.  Without much change to the strategy I found it quite easy to reach the 100 pips in a day and the 50 pips on one trade using the m15 and m30 time frames.  The only issue is i could not watch the trade.  I set it up, left the screen and let it run.  

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 10:15pm

congrats on GIII

thanks for sharing simple to follow

keep up the good work


Try this for a simple and effective HMA strategy....there are so many out there....Use a 130SMA for Buy Zone (above) and Sell Zone (below). For price action, set up a ribbon HMA using the following: 32HMA, 42HMA and 50HMA. That's it! Opportunities should jump off of the screen. Of course, you may adjust settings a bit or add an additional indicator to fit your eye.


My Go-With-The Flow & Toss-The-Loss strategy

I made it into Silver 3 today. When I began this journey my focus was on scalping many pairs and accumulating pips. Since then I evolved in a different direction. I now focus on 2 to 4 pairs max. I've also moved away from putting too much weight on indicators.

I developed a go-with-the-flow & toss-the-loss strategy. - I'm looking for relatively well formed 45 degree angular movements in the 15 min, 30 min & 1 Hr charts. I measure the length of the angle and will only enter if it measures 15 pips or more.

If the angle is tightly formed (not a lot of zig zaging) I will buy the L or S direction. After entering, if the movement is in my favor and appears to be strong I apply a multi-layer approach by entering another L or S buy on the same pair. If it continues moving well I may enter a third position.

If, prior to entering the trade the angle is a bit choppy I will enter 2 trades seconds apart. One Buy & one Sell. I'll then wait about 10 min's and see what direction is taking form. At this point I will Toss the losing side and stay with the win side. I may or may not layer in this trade.

Best time to trade is within the first 2 hrs of the markets open. This is where I find the most direction movement. After that, it seems that the market finds it's average and flaten's out.

Hope this is helpful.



Good going Bill, see you in the gold family soon! Thanks for sharing.


How do you handle stop losses with this strategy. I also like the HMA strategy, but I can't decide where to set my stops.


I think that the Todd's setup says to put your SL at the last swing low/high or the below/above the HMA (200) which ever is greater.

I tend to have very loose stops, and then when I see what is happening with my trade I will move them up or just get out altogether. They say our first goal is to get to the no risk stage, so once you get a few stable pips on the board you can move the stop to break even or slightly better. This does take you out of the market frequently but there is no reason you can't just jump back in if things look good. I did that today. Here is a screen shot. I got hurt on the second set of trades because the market was not really trending. Then it took off and I was able to get in for a 45 pip 0.35% day.


Prefund 2019 01015 M5.PNG

I tend to use the HMA as trigger or quick identication of short term trend, but use 223 and 21 SMA for longer term support resistance and trend .


Sweet and simple. Thank I’ll give it a try.