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I'm starting to wonder if I wasted my money. I read the documents and listen to the videos and do exactly what they say to do and the opposite happens..


I went up 16pips earlier ( i'm new thats a lot for me) 2 minutes later it was gone and in the hole doing the same strategy I did to gain it and can't pull it back out....I don't get it


Sun, 01/31/2016 - 11:25pm

Very frustrating...


Hi Jim, you must have done something right, being up 16 pips. Can you post the strategy that you are using and a screen shot of your trade(s)? Someone here will be able to help you. You are not alone, we have all been there (frustrated) :)



Unfortunately frustration is part of the learning process. Make no mistake, while trading is learnable and doable, it is not easy.

Hang in there.


I know, I just get frustrated to easy.

MFI i was just doing price action off pivots (1 min), I think what I did wrong was A) Got greedy didn't stick to my rules. B) After the candles peaked, I took my profit then it started to creep up more, without a pivot, I bought again and it quickly, and I do mean quickly dropped, so I sold and the did a sell and it turned back up on me...I made the fatal mistake of trying to recover a bad loss by buying/selling the wrong way and I got upset

I walked away for a few hours and came back, I know this system will work I just need to work at it and be patient and stick to my rules, and that's the hardest thing is being patient

I know what you mean Allen, not getting frustrated easily and not having patience is not my strong suit


Stay strong and keep practicing.


Hi Jim,

Trading on the 1 min chart is very tough for a beginner, the market moves fast, as you saw. I recommend trading the 15 minute chart (at least 5 minute) to begin. This will give you more time to see what the market is doing.

Just my two cents,

Dan G


I have traded stock/options for years with moderate success.

I started Apiary over a year ago. I must say the past year with Apiary has been the most
frustrating year of my life. I wanted to quit several times,but I'm determined to make a living as a trader.

After developing at trading system and making adjustment after adjustment my
trading gradually got to break even, Now I firmly believe I can be consistently profitable.

Trading is a lot more fun when profitable and well worth the struggle. I am still progressing in my trading,
only in the beginning stages and have yet to reach a plateau or think that I have arrived.

My goal now is get out of the habit of just hitting pip targets and to stay in the trade long enough
to follow at least 40% of a trend.

Hang in there, it's hard work but the rewards are well worth it.


Thx Matt and rozys


Thats what i am trying so hard to do Dan


OK following my rules!

Up 12 pips in 3 wins. No losses

Price Action off solid Pivots....2 of them were using the alignment strategy 5min 1hour 4hour

And I moved away from the 1 min chart....mush easier to keep an eye on


Well done Jim! You are on the right track, keep going :)


JIm just keep trading! i promise it is worth it and not a waste of money! if you need help with anything i'm MORE than HAPPY to help you! it took me a year of trading (studying 12 hours a day) to get to where i am at and i STILL have a lot to learn :D i promise it gets better!


I stopped using the 1 min chart and things have turned around. I am up 35 pips today and 50.9 pips in my last 10 trades. I switched to a Price Action off Pivots combined with the Alignment strategy (5min, 1hour 4hour charts), although I will say the Alignment part of the strat yields larger pip returns....I use the Price action when nothing is aligned and scalp

And thanks for that dillon!!


Jim it's so awesome that you're up pips! keep up the great work :D nothing feels as good as winning in your trades! i get up and dance when i place a few trades and i find that they are all in profits a few minutes later lol



I agree. I used to not go lower than 60 min for my supply and demand levels. If I do go to 5/10/15, those are just my refined time frames; not my lower time frames. It just a snapshot of my lower time frames to x-ray or take a microscopic look for unfilled orders. That's it.

Lately, I have tried for intraday trade during Asian session using 5 and 1 min charts, which it is hard to achieve a 3:1 trades, and I don't feel very comfortable taking those trades that are not offering me a 3:1. It feels like I work for free due to Forex spread, and I don't want to work for free.