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Wed, 03/14/2018 - 2:49pm

I just completed the 25-5-24 PIPS in Silver 1. I would like to suggest that you watch the class on Trade Development with Doug Eatough which is on the weekly calendar classes. Doug uses the SAM 30, and the Stochastic 5,5,3, traded in the D! time frame.
I followed this and only added a trade when the Bullish candle was above the SAM 30. I completed the 25-5-24 buy placing the trade 5 times on the XAU/USA. for 24 hours after reaching the 25 pip requirement and the results can be a bullish our bearish out come.
I hope this helps anyone trying to reach this goal.


Thanks for the tips!


Thank you for the suggestion. Will try it out! Good luck with the other Silver assignments!