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How to delete my membership?

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How to delete my membership?


how to disconnect from Apiary fund? I want to finnish this learning. I have decided that I cant trade anymore. I don't see any button how to end learning. I want that my account would be disabled.

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 1:32pm

Hello LeoCer. You might want to contact support about closing your account.






Are you sure LeoCer?

I've been trading Forex for almost 4 years and there are some difficult times, but you have to ask yourself why you starting trading to begin with... Is it for the right reasons?

I can tell you this, it is a path to wealth, but it takes time and going in the opposite direction as the majority of traders (the 99%)


I'm not investing enough time into Apiary Funding chart and trading with the Fibonacci's not working. It's seem I'm trading in the opposite direction. I'll continue to work on trading I just can pay for Apiary's charting.


Account support should be able to assist you with that, just make sure that is your final decision. If you are frustrated as all of us were or are at some point with trading take some time to get back into basics and try to move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

I hope that you change your mind.


ZA. Hope you are still with us. I also feel as you that whatever I trade the market takes the opposite direction but it has to be me, not the market and I plan to stick it out until I get it right.