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How to delete stop loss line on a Mac when using the trailing Stop

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How to delete stop loss line on a Mac when using the trailing Stop


   Working on trailing stops within course and the video explains that I need to delete stop loss line and let the order end using the trailing stop.

  Anyone know how to delete a stop loss line on a mac as I tried clicking twice on the line but nothing pulls up to delete the stop loss line. It does pull up to modify order but nothing about deleting the line. It should be easy but I have not figured out how to do it on my Mac since you can't right click or left click on a Mac laptop.

It's probably right in front of me but I don't see.


    Thanks in advance,




Thu, 04/02/2020 - 10:30pm

This is probably not what you wanted to know, but If you right click the order line of the contract, you can modify the stop loss to zero.


I tried the modifying stop loss to zero but that doesn't delete the stop loss line. Double click doesn't pull up any delete option in order for me to delete the stop loss line and move up the trailing stop to cancel order.


I apparently was doing it wrong as I was to delete the tp line and move the stop loss up so when the trend turned against me, I would be able to close with a profit. oops! Now I know.


If anyone has problems removing the "take profit" line and you have a Mac, you double click on your trackpad. When you do this, you will not be provided an option to delete the "take profit" line but you can modify it when the modify chart pulls up. You change the take profit to zero and save. This removes the "take profit" line and you can move the stop loss line so you can't lose any profit.

This will be helpful when you're attempting the step/course in copper III when you have to take profit using the trailing stop.

I hope this helps someone in the future.



Does anyone know if you can set a horizontal online on a specific location/number instead having to drag it to the location. I can never get on the special location where I want it.



Thank you for that info, Greg!

I have a Mac, but am still having trouble deleting the "take profit" line. Where are you double clicking? I've been double clicking across my whole trackpad, but the modify chart never pulls up.

Thank you for your help!



You may have to check your preferences as to double clicking on your trackpad. You should be able to just double click using one finger, two fingers or three fingers depending on how your preferences are set for trackpad. I hope this helps!!