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How do you choose to Bee yourself with Price Cycle and Time Cycle Indicators

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Hasan F

How do you choose to Bee yourself with Price Cycle and Time Cycle Indicators

Hello Hivers,

I like to make use of the Price Cycel and Time Cycle indicators in Alveo to find M5 setups as Nate instructs early on in the Beeline instruction videos. I am finding though that based on eyeballing 6 periods and averaging out my own Price and Time Cycle the actual indicator doesn't seem to show similar results. So I started tweaking around with the settings and just eyeing the results on the Chart to see what changes made what impact to the indicators.

Questions for my fellow Bees:

- Does anyone actually know what the "Period", "Pip Variation", and "Time Variation" settings are for?

- Do you use "Bearish"/ "Bullish" separately from "Combined", or use all three together, or just one?


I have found that using "Combined" only, with Period = 6, Pip Variation = 1, and Time Variation = 1, the indicator gives me averages that are very similar to the procedure Nate teaches in his instruction video. I hope someone out there knows these indicator settings intimately and can shed some light here.




Link for video reference:

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 3:58pm
Ken Bury

I have the same question. Anyone?


I am struggling with this. I am unable to find relation what is shown in indicator and what appears in chart. I have written to Apiary help too today.


aks, would u be so kind to share what u learn? I struggle with the same issue


aks9ca and mdweimer, there are hundreds of different indicators in use and, yes, lots of them seem ´less than obvious´ in their interpretation. Aside from moving averages, the most popular indicators are RSI and the stochastic indicator. There is lots of info on the web and some good videos on Youtube about how to use these two indicators. If you spend half an hour in education time on each of these indicators and then go back to your charts I think you´ll see the relationship between the indicators and price action and maybe even find them useful in your trading. Best of luck.