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How does "One Click Trading (Chart)" work?

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How does "One Click Trading (Chart)" work?

If I change the Alveo setting "Enable One Click Trading (Chart)" to yes, I'm expecting to enter a trade just by a click in the chart. But nothing happens. How does it work?

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 4:28pm

F5 to buy, F6 to sell


One click is a bit of a misnomer. One has to click on the chart to activate it first, and then use New Order dialog, FN keys, or DOM to place orders.

FN keys:
F5 buy market
F6 sell market
F7 buy stop
F8 sell stop


Well, I've always used the F-keys to place trades, ever since my first trade, without having that setting = yes. (And that is one of the few things that are better than MT4.)

No special effect then...


With one-click enabled, the New Order dialog doesn't pop up to confirm your order. That's the difference; hence, HFTs (like me) could use the FN keys with one-click to shotgun several orders rapidly (which is quite handy when scalping off M1). :)


That contributed to me being disabled from trading for a while last year, because of the quick one-click action being so fast to get in and out of a trade (LP did not like it). I'm not sure if that will have the same effect now (on trading restriction). What do you reckon Hak & Allen?


Thanks! That explains what happened when I was just starting off with Alveo. I recall trying that setting, not knowing what it was, and found myself just entering a lot of trades

Ok, it's that the confirmation dialogue of F5-8 is skipped. You can always set the comment afterwards (that is one of the very few features that is better in Alveo than in MT4).

However, I wouldn't use this setting, because it's very easy (for me anyway) to slip over the F-keys and press F5 instead of F6.



Unfortunately the HFT restrictions are still in place although I know Shawn and Nate have been trying to secure another LP.

I can still use the hot keys however, I am limited to placing 1 trade every 10 seconds.



I'm limited to placing orders at 1 trade per second, but I've scaled down to 1 trade every 5-12 seconds (essentially 5-12 trades per minute). Frequently, I'll go flat (1st choice) or hedge (2nd choice) before news, and wait for volatility to settle. So I tend to avoid doing the bulk of my GT during various news events.

Nevertheless, I miss the days when I could place 20-30 orders per min (1 trade every 2-3 seconds [or 1800 trades per hour]).