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Share your poin of view at this post headed "The Ooooops of no stop loss": Thanks in advance!


Fri, 06/16/2017 - 5:00am
Norma Jenner

jrh, I have almost everything yet to learn about hedging, because Steve shows us how effective it is

Personally I don't go out on a limb for home runs because I'm not in a position to do so; yet one should always b alert and prepared with a big apron, should the tree shake loose ripe fruit all at once


Njenner, I am in sync with you about not joining the crowd in the home run mentality.

Maybe we both need to rob a bank so that we can practice hedging.

Talking about aprons, do you enjoy cooking?

Keep well and the very best to you.

Norma Jenner

lol John....I once chased the bank robbers that told everyone to lie down in the corner. HA! If you need my money, ask, but don't steal it. They were the first bank robbers caught that year in Seattle, and it was August.

y I very much enjoy others' cooking! and very much wish I could still do it. and you?


I enjoy cooking exotic dishes - not so great for the waistline though, so I have to do it in moderation.

Not only that but with our South African rand being so weak against the US$, makes it almost impossible to do so frequently.
The ZAR is now standing at 12.82 to 1 USD.



@njenner I just literally laughed out loud of reading what you did. That is so funny! "Listen, buddy. You want my money? You ask. But you don't steal it." That is great.

Norma Jenner

jhr, wowser, the ZAR situation is very difficult. We'll have the same here most likely.

brianj2....good good we need to laugh. Here's another laugh. For my reward the bank sent me a potted chrysanthemum and a card signed by all the employees.
My husband was overseas for a few months. When I wrote about catching the robbers, all he said was, "Don't do that again." (so I haven't done that one again but there were other foiled felonies. lol)


Good one;)



The one component of trading which is overlooked are the seasonal cycles and phases in the market.
In recent months many have experienced above average returns.Can we expect this general phenomena to duplicate itself in the coming months? I do not believe so.

The biggest danger we all face is thinking that we have got the market licked, thinking we now understand the market and that we are now ready to conquer. MARKET ENVIRONMENTS DO CHANGE! It is a game of Probabilities not Certainties. Also the opportunities are not the same.

We need to temper our expectations and our risk. For the next 2 to 3 months it is predicted from reliable sources that there will be very few trades offering 900+ pips.We can expect narrow price ranges with prices being contained. The market will also become choppy before we see a resolution. My advice is to leg out of trades earlier than normal.

I hope this will guide you all and keep you profitable.