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How to find future trades if missed actual trade

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How to find future trades if missed actual trade

There are trades that have just passed by but can give you future trades. Just draw a line on the candle after an engulfing one and wait for the market to retest that level. Once retest / comes near, sell or buy the market and place stops 20 pips below or above the engulfing pattern. Just check GBP/CAD on 4 April at 10 am London time an engulfing red candle was produced. I placed a line on the candle that opened at 14 hrs the same day and on the 15th April at 14 hrs the market retest that level. I sold it at 5 lots in a demo a/c and made $4585 before 24 hrs time Hope that tip can help some traders, thanks

Fri, 04/19/2019 - 2:47am