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How to fix vertical spacing


How to fix vertical spacing


    Does anyone know how to set vertical spacing in Alveo?

    Referring to this latest enhancement in v1.3.1: Vertical chart spacing can now be set



Fri, 05/01/2015 - 9:39am
Chuck B

Hi Timmy:

The Chart Spacing is located in the "SETTINGS" Box.

- Chuck B


Yeah, Chuck is right - I attached a screen shot if that helps.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.05.17 AM.png

Oh, edge spacing. I was hoping for fixed vertical grid spacing. i.e. 10pips per grid line type of spacing.



I think those options are if you right click chart and hit settings at the bottom

Chuck B


1. I initially thought the same as you when I saws the "Vertical chart spacing can now be set" on the Alveo 1.3.0 that came out ca Tuesday :-)

2. Norm is correct regarding "hit Settings..". Or you can "hit" the "F9" Key to access the "Chart Settings" Box

3. ALSO - in case you didn't know - by going to "FILE" => "DEFAULT CHART SETTINGS", you can "select" any chart settings you want, so that ANY chart you add to your workspace will have your "Default Settings."

4. Finally, you can also save any desired Chart Settings and/or Specific Chart layouts as a "TEMPLATE."

- Chuck B

Chuck B


Thanks for the "confirmation" above, and KUDOS to you and your Team for everything !!! :-)

- Chuck B


Yes a big kudos Colton and everyone at Apiary! I love the new vertical chart spacing feature...Alveo keeps getting better and if only I could get the Alignment EA to work



I'm new, but have wished for some time something like Timmy asks for, either:

The ability to set the vertical 'ruler' to X number of pips per line
even to have a 'Pips Ruler', maybe on left edge of chart.
* This way I can see if each increment is 3 pips, 12 pips, 23 pips etc. - very helpful to set a right-click new order buy/stop or sell/stop



Is there a way when setting up bracketed orders above/below consolidation to automatically:
delete the SellStop order once the BuyStop executes
and visa versa

would help if setting up trades prior to leaving home or going to bed.


JF uploaded a script to do this, see his post at the bottom of this thread: