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How low can it go?

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How low can it go?

I am a new member , glad to be part of a great online community. I wanted to discuss the Eur/USD with the lower trading levels it's hard to know what the true price is. With the dollar strength it’s hard to imagine what the next few months hold. Does anyone have any ideas of what might come from this. What the next opportunities will be?

Sun, 10/16/2016 - 10:09pm
David Lewis

It can always go higher or lower, at least that is my thoughts on all pairs..


It just depends on what type of positions you are looking to take. I took a long trade today because of the recent downward run and a bounce off the daily support.


the news coming out of the ECB today could decide what way it is going to go.


I have been going low with NZD/CAD!!!


I agree with David, it can always go lower. Best to go along with the trend than to guess the bottom.