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How many pips are expected of you on a daily basis after funding.

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How many pips are expected of you on a daily basis after funding.

Are there requirements you have to reach like 20 pips a day? Just wondering about that?

Sat, 09/14/2019 - 6:25pm

Nothing like that. They want you to bee active with at least 5 trades a week, but there are no expectations for daily or even monthly gains. That's all up to you.

The only hard and fast rules are no risk > 2% on a single trade and no loss > 5% in a single day.

There are contingencies if you're losing consistently. You could end up in a demo to work out your issues before you can trade your funded account again. It's not 'punishment', per se. Just risk management. Apiary will stick with you through thick and thin, but they won't let you drain your (their) account.


Thanks boss hogg. I'm just seeing your post.


after funding, there is only one rule, consistently profitable, at the COB on the 20th of each month your account will be swept for any monies above your funded level, That is what your check is based upon. Every 90 days your consecutive months will be reviewed for an increase.

One other rule is added as per your agreement, lose 20% and risk being suspended and recycled. While no trader wants to rely on this program how many traders have you read or heard about that are concedently profitable out of the gate? and then consistently month after month?