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How to partially close a position

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How to partially close a position

Hello Bees...

Does anyone know how to partially close a trade..... I need to reduce my lot size asap....


Mon, 10/10/2016 - 3:08am

You can make a partial hedge. That will take some of the risk off the table.

Otherwise I think you must close out the 1st position and enter a smaller one.


Huh... that's bad news... thanks for the reply


Good question

In Alveo the only way I have seen is to place a hedging position. So to close half of your position place a trade at half the original size going in the opposite direction. You will lose the spread and a little commission for the hedge but it does work and well worth locking in a certain amount of profit


Another way to do it is make multiple initial trades of smaller sizes.

The reason that you are not able to do so in Alveo (they explained) is that they had the choice between allowing hedging or unloading a partial trade.


Thanks for the ideas. Some times I would like to tier my exits.


Doing what John68 mentioned sounds right to me.
Such practice goes well with beeline tasks, too...


Yeah, to bad that is no such option on ALVEO platform. Comes very handy to properly manage a trade.