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How to place my First Trade

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How to place my First Trade

My name is John Orubo , Am New to trading and trying to get more understanding

Fri, 09/06/2019 - 3:37am

Welcome aboard John! The journey is long, but in the end, worth it!

Wishing you much success!



You place your first trade by doing it of course. Do not stress to much over it. You will gain understanding as you make trades. It really doesn't mater if you win or lose the first trade as long as you learn something. Look at a currency pair in three different time frames then place a trade in the direction you feel it will go. Place both a take profit and a stop loss.

Just make notes of why you took the trade, every trade every time. This will give you insight into how to trade. Do take all the trainings and try to trade accordingly.

I find Forex Fanatics to be very helpful over time. The first one I attended was confusing as I didn't know enough to follow what was said. Each time things made more sense.

Welcome and have fun learning these new skills.