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How to review past beeline level requirements?

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How to review past beeline level requirements?

I recently began taking very detailed notes for all the modeuls/videos/discussions in each levels, which I found to be quite helpful for me to look back to quickly find something.

However, I did not take good notes for the earlier levels (copper and bronze 1). I was wondering whether there was a way to go back to look at the requirements again.

Alternatively, if any of you were in copper 1-3 or bronze 1, may you kindly take a screencap or a list of the requirements, and share these with me?


Many thanks!


Fri, 11/20/2015 - 4:17am

yes that would be nice to be able to see what each level requires again.


I agree that would be nice to be able to go back. Although I can't help with that, I have attached the Gold II requirements. The trades required have to be made in your pre-fund account (even if you are already funded).

Gold II to III.png

Thanks for the attachment, Allengoldatty. Hope I get there some day lol