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How to sell half of your position in Alveo

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How to sell half of your position in Alveo

Good morning,
Could someone explain how to sell half your position in Alveo please?

Thank you,


Thu, 05/30/2019 - 8:26am

Hi Catherine.

You can not sell half of your position.

You need to open 2 separate positions, each at a half position size then close them one at a time.


I wish there was a way to close half or any fraction of the same trade


zubair, as ray suggested simply place two or more trades on that one set up. I would suggest that you use the one click to get the sizing correct by adjusting the lot for risk tolerance.


I agree with zubair97 and hope that the feature that enables to scale out of a trade will be added to Alveo sometime in the future. Sure, you can place a different trade for each target, but that's just what it is - a work around.


Yeah, what is up with that?? We should always be able to SCALE OUT of a trade. It is just intuitive for trading. Cannot understand why AF has not updated the Alveo Trading Platform to accommodate scaling out.


XRPDude, I am using 3 different applications to trade and so far I have not seen or heard of any application where this is possible to scale out from a chosen lot size.

Scaling out from my understanding is if you place 3 separate lot size (each 1.00 size) trades and after a while you decide to reduce your overall positon size, which means just the reduction of the 3 separate trades to, lets say, 1.

Beeing able to "scale out" from 3 separate lot sizes (each 1.00 size) to, lets say, 2.5 lots is from my experience only possible if the market runs against you and the programm is stopping you out, bit by bit, which is called "smart stop", at least in one of the apps I am using.


I agree with gapfiller, I also have not seen other platforms (as of yet) where you can put in i.e. 1 lot and close half of it ...

... you have to calculate your overall position/lot size beforehand, split it and close (or add, if you want to scale in) parts of it.

(To me that was always how the FX platforms operate. You can have it worse, i.e., FIFO ... First Trade in / First Trade out ... forget about the Wobble ;-)

It's the same on the Futures account, you open 1 contract, you can't close half of it ... you either enter 2 or 3 at the same time and scale out, one by one ... or scale in ... one by one.

Otherwise, I stand corrected if I'm wrong or haven't seen it yet elsewhere.

Stocks, yes, you buy 1000 shares and sell 500 if you want.