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How to setup system on Ipad

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How to setup system on Ipad

I’m new to the system I would like to trade on my IPad Pro. Can you provide guidance. Best regards.

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 6:14pm
Jenny K

They unfortunately do not have an app for it that you can place the trades on ...Yet. You can download the apiary fund app but it will only show you open trades, stats, classes, forum. You can close open trades on it if needed but it isn't recommended as there is a time lapse.

Hopefully soon they will have the system available for phones and tablets:)

Welcome aboard and happy trading!


You could run Alveo in a PC and control the PC remotely using your iPad with an app like Chrome remote desktop; that's how I manipulate stops and take profits from my cellphone.


See these topics/posts in the forum: VPS Options, No Alveo issues whatsoever using a VPS.

I set up a vps through Amazon and it works splendidly. Even though there are some instructions posted, I still needed some help form my computer geek son-in-law to get it up and running.