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How to use plot trades

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How to use plot trades



Does anyone here know how to use Plot Trades, that arrow tab on the upper right of Alveo. I've also attached 2 photos for referrence. I've seen this recently on this Apiary youtube- "Reviewing a Live Trading Session of a Apiary Funded Trader." It was used to review trades, post trade review. 


The Plot Trades seems relatively easy and straightforward to use. But I tried plotting my trades by entering the trade numbers: Order ID Begin, Order ID End but nothing happens. It doesn't even go to the trades entered.


Any help will be much appreciated.


Thank you.


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Sun, 04/19/2020 - 9:42pm

Hi bogscab

That should do it. I plot my trades every day, and I do it just like you described. The only thing that I noticed from you post is that you mentioned, "It doesn't even go to the trades entered." The trades will just plot on the chart that you're looking at. For example, if I'm looking at a 300-bar, 5-minute chart I can see about 24 hours. So if I plot my trades and include just my trades for today, I will see them. But If I take that same chart, and plot trades from greater than 24 hours ago, I won't be able to see the trades. The chart will not go the the dates on which the trades I'm plotting were executed. Instead, you just won't see the trades. So If the dates of the trades you want to plot aren't on the chart you're looking at you won't see them. If that is not the case with your trades, I can't think of any other reason you can't see the trades. You might either contact support, or login to one of the support sessions and ask about it.

Happy Trading


Hi trey.d.ingstuff. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. I did adjust the dates and and it worked.

Jan Steyn

I have issues with the color.

Can anyone tell me how i can change the color please because i can hardly read anything

AND what colors workd best for this


So if you're asking about the templet itself, right-click on the chart and open the temple setting,

If you asking about an indication, open the indicator and change the color setting.

If your asking about an object or text opens it by clicking on it and then change the color.

It helps to have some basic knowledge of mixing an RGB palette.

changing colors.PNG