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Hundreds of Ideas - amazing opportunity!

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Hundreds of Ideas - amazing opportunity!

I've tried so many strategies of doubling up, then doubling down, and finally making some very close squeezes. Tirelessly thinking and working - just not sure what specifically is going to ensure success.
There is no such thing as a "holy grail" trading system, so I'm left to find my own system.

Here we go.

Sun, 06/09/2019 - 11:25pm

Hi Arthur you are on the right path to funding.

As you try different strategies in your trades, remember to fine tune those that works best to generate PIPs for your tasks.
At times some strategies works for specific tasks to be completed, which may not be relevant to achieve certain tasks.

The choice is all yours as you road map your journey in Apiary Fund.
We are lucky we have got great and excellent traders on the forum who are supporting us to bank PIPs

Keep Trading



Hello Arthur,

There are so many different strategies out there, but I would encourage you to take into account your personality to help find the strategy that is right for you. Is your personality better suited for scalping or swing trading?

Trading psychology also plays a major part in "success". Profitable trades go through losing slumps, but how that trader looks at the slump is the difference from the mindset of a successful trader and others.

I think that there are 4M's to success. Method, Mindset, and Money Management. Are you trading a profitable method? do you have the resiliency and right mindset to be able to endure the losses in an uncertain market? Do you have good money management techniques to be able to maximize growth and minimized losses for a positive equity curve?

2 great books that changed they way I look at the market and trade are Trading in the Zone, and One Good Trade. There were a great listen and actually relisten to them quite frequently.

Best wishes,



Hey there,

Just give it time. Chooce a strategy from the Apiary library that suits you and focus on it 100% for a few 100 trades. Then re-evalute if it works for you.

Keep at it and good luck.



Hi Arthur,

No is the time to try as many strategies as possible.........until you find one that works for YOU, AND you are comfortable with.
SOON you will not have the time anymore.
Keep it up, in the end it will be worth it

Good Luck



Hi Arthur,

Look at the times of day that you can trade and what happens in the market at these times. Some currencies trade better in European hours eg GBP pairs. UShours CAD pairs, Aussie & JPY hours - USDJPY or CADJPY. You also may like fast moving currency pairs eg GBPJPY or slow pair eg AUDNZD. Keep to one system at a time. Use the simulated account until you are happy with a system.

Best of luck going forward.



"I've tried so many strategies of doubling up, then doubling down"

let's keep it real, doubling down or up is a martingale approach...your pockets are not deep enough to make it work...

- take one penny, and then double it everyday...tell me how fast it adds up?

"There is no such thing as a "holy grail"" ...correct, using a martingale technique, to recover losses, will never be a holy grail.

- the holy grail is "YOU", and it takes work, sometimes "YEARS OF WORK"


also, with every increase in size, when doubling down or up, risk is being added to the trade, as a risk manager, your first task is to manage risk.