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I am glad here

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I am glad here

I am here and I want learn from everybody here

Sat, 07/14/2018 - 2:42am

EuR/USD has been good to me quite a bit


I’m sure you can learn a lot by following beeline and by visiting forums to check the new topics and and other members for help if something is bothering you. Have a positive and patient mind and you can go far! Good luck!


This is a great place to learn.All the information that you need is easy to understand and readily available. Take it step by step.
Happy trading.


You are in the right place, my advice learn one thing at a time and start with one pair only.


In the Forex site, there is loss and gain for the top 8 pairs, I started using it lately to pick my pair for the day. It is helpful to see which is going in what direction. I had a long position on EURSTD which did not work out. I have to get my mind to be more flexible to know it is not up to me, it is up to the market. Stay out of my own way. So my lesson learned at a COST is" Change fast, admit quick when I am not with the trend. Lose small and follow the trend, or stay out. "..


Liang, you'll get a lot from going through the beeline so be patient and go through it carefully, taking careful notes as you do. Later on, as I am doing now, you'll probably want to trawl through them and write out just the essentials clearly in an ordered way with principles in one section and strategies in another. You'll learn them all gradually in the beeline and it's worth being careful and patient. You'll learn a lot from everyone but start by learning from the course first. The team are the real pros. The rest of us are just further along the learning curve so can advise but, primarily, take the beeline seriously, and you'll do fine! Good luck and enjoy!