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I guess my stuff is not getting through I wrote Hello my fellow worker bees

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I guess my stuff is not getting through I wrote Hello my fellow worker bees

Hello Fellow Worker Bees I have been having technical difficulties getting the software to cooperate has anyone else been having a problem? Is anyone doing this class on a tablet? Please reach out and let me know. thank you

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 2:30am

I use desktops and laptops and even try to use my cell phone but never tried a tablet but interesting that you are useing one I have a niece that used one for some time she was all over the internet with it but stoped using it and went stricly to her cell phone.....

Sorry can't help you much on that.....


Hello to you, i've set up my cell phone now i can't remember my code so i'll have to get ahold of support. They are always avaikable and will work you through your problem. That's my wife's name and i go by Tom. Right now i'm just frustrated with my trading. I'll be okay after i listen to several of our lessons again. I have to remember to check forum more often. Bye for now


Hello I am currently using Alveo on my Mac by running Windows through Parallels and I have been experiencing lots of issues. I think it really depends on your operating system, hope this helps.


Cannot help with your question regarding use of a tablet for the Apiary Fund exercises.

I am using a laptop as a desktop with a secondary display monitor tapped via USB port for additional displays
on a larger (23.5" x 12.5") screen that I purchased.
Displays are much better on a larger screen for the Apiary programs displays. Less eye weariness and less frustration trading.
I found this arrangement to be much better than having to do it all on a small screen.

This has worked quite nicely for me, as I found the laptop screen too small for multiple chart displays on one screen. Yes I use multiple chart displays so that I get instant feel for the trades in several time frames simultaneously.

The Alveo controls are separately displayed on my laptop and the charts are are on the secondary monitor.

You have to acquaint yourself with the tasks ahead for your own comfort!

Happy trading!


I can't help if your question is about Alveo. But if it is in regards to problems with viewing classes etc. When I try to view them on my iPhone, I use a browser called Puffin. You can get in the app store. The icon has a green background with black and white Puffin bird? I can view classes etc on that browser that I can not on Safari. Hope that helps