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I have a problem to log in into alveo.

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I have a problem to log in into alveo.

I can't login into alveo platform today with my username and password.

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 3:43am

I'cant atach images, and https certificate of apears be out of date


Good morning

I have the same problem
I cant log into the platform



I've had the same problem and my laptop is saying hackers might be to blame. I had a problem getting on the website too. I've managed to change my passwords, I deleted and reinstalled Alveo but still carnt log in and have 2 open trades. I've messaged support but its the early hours in the U.S and I'm from the UK...Is anyone else having issues...Even my meta-trader Platform I lost all my charts, my trades are still running but all my charts were gone...Its really bad.

Kind Reards

Leigh (UK)


Yeah on my web browser its saying Not Secure. I think they need 24/7 IT moneriting to prevent stuff like this. Somethings obviously not right.


I am in Australia and having trouble logging on also.

I am getting the message "User Authentication Failed"




Apiary has a server configuration issue that's certificate related. That issue is causing authentication to fail (hence the "User Authentication Failed" error). For users, who already are running Alveo, this issue prevents Alveo from processing orders and switching accounts.

I know, because I was running Alveo and couldn't place orders. So I killed Alveo, attempted to restart Alveo, and stumbled on the authentication error too.

IGH: E-mail Shawn and Apiary support regarding that thought; I certainly did--and I offered to help (if necessary).


Thanks my fellow Bees, it is nice to know I am not in this alone
Hope it gets resolved soon


I cant log in either - im in UK also. Im new so only on Simulated account, but still annoying - I hope you get your problem sorted and don't incur any losses


Unfortunately I don’t think it will be resolved until someone gets there in the morning. I also emailed trader support. Hopefully I can wake up and start trading again.


I have having the same problems as everyone above have stated. I am also getting authentication failed error and I have not changed my password. I also cannot log in on my mobile app which means I cannot close any trades.


Same problem here from Australia. Have logged an Issue with Support


I'm having the same issue....

Ahmed Abedi

I'm having the same issue.


Same problem


Same here!


hi! Same here, can't enter Alveo and the website says it's Not secure


I thought I'm the only one having trouble with this one.


I have encountered the same issue here, still not resolved yet!

Seem that I am not the only one having this problem.


Same here. I have the security alert on the web site and Alevo just acts like I am using the wrong password.


Same here, seems like Alveo in down today


Same here,


you gotta wait for them to wake up mand get into office. we are all trying to trade. hang in there for a few more hours


Same here....


Yup I have the same Problem can’t login to the Alveo. When I go to the website on google chrome it says connection is not private attackers might be trying to steal your information from for example passwords, messages and credit card.


FYI you can still go to statistics and see how your open positions are doing .....doesn't help much but at least you know where you stand.


I'm glad that I don't have any open positions this morning! We'll wait and see later. Does anyone know if there are any plans to migrate Alveo to a cloud-web-based platform?


Same here... Even to get into this website, I had to override the antivirus program because of authentication problem.


Been having the same problem here in the uk


same issue


Same issue here and its telling me the website is insecure


Same here, think they need to start investing in 24h support/IT staff


Problem. Alveo. Would let me sign in m


It appears the Alveo app is accessible now (it wasn't earlier this morning). If anyone needs to close our trades, I think this can be done on the app.


I still can't log in on Alveo, and for awhile I couldn't log onto Apiary either.

This morning my internet was out for a few hours.

I am guessing hackers




I can not log into Alveo missed the London session last night, and this morning I cannot log in


It seems universal. We've all been clobbered this morning.

I agree with my fellow bees: Apiary needs to step it up and put some type of IT support in place to cover ALL hours that the Forex market is open.


Me too!


I'm almost 100% certain that this issue has nothing to do with a hacker attack; rather, the issue is--as I stated earlier--a configuration issue (the root cause) which is causing several other issues (including the authentication failure). Solve the root cause, and all of the other symptoms will go away.


Yeap same problem here can't find a solution as of yet


mine works again


I'm sorry,,,,,,,, it was my fault. I placed some overnight trades last night. Seems like every time I try to trade overnight something crashes. I promise I will quit crashing the system. Have a good day, Good day to go fishing.


Alveo is up. Just logged in. Hurray!!


Same issue


Same issue


Same issue


ok I am back on


It just seemed to be a cert that was late on the authentication server. Nothing to worry about, doesn't look like a hacker attack. Let the server admin go without coffee for a day or something.

It is probably not even related to the other issues that are much worse. Liquidity provider errors is worse than authserver errors in my book. The delay in fixing it was also probably due to timezones and sleep.

Indeed 24h IT support, and phone closing of positions would be a great improvement for apiary.


I have the same problem .


I have having the same problems . I am also getting authentication failed error and I have not changed my password.


Same issue. Got up at 3 A.M. to fulfill my London open requirement and could not get into Alveo nor Apiary. Finally, just got into Apiary but still cannot get into Alveo.


I've finally been able to log in to Alveo but I don't have any of my charts coming up. Glad I don't have any open positions. Not sure what is going on right now.


Its back up now.


Me too. Thank for the explanation Hak. On now.


Alveo is working now.


Apiary has a "News" section on the website listing holidays, plus Twitter and Facebook. How about the users get system updates when things have gone south rather than leaving us guessing. You know, "Alveo is currently experiencing issues with blah, blah blah......"


me too at 3am California PST time. I kept trying for 45 minutes before I leave for work at 530 am.


Same problem here. Blame the Russians!


I had the same "User Authentication Failed" message and I, too, did not change my password. What I did to gain access was erase my password and re-type it again. It worked for me. Hope you folks get in soon, if not already.


Having problems logging into Alveo today, say's finding server?


@leesatoland8, sat am until done is maintenance time. That is the error you will receive.


Anyone else having a problem with Alveo beta not recording trades for Bee line advancements?



Are you on your Silver account?


Yes I’m on my silver account.


Hmmm don't know what to tell ya, Sorry I don't use the Beta


I only installed the beta due to all the problems and not displaying the HMA indicator properly


Gotcha, damned if you do, damned if you don't...sorry


Hi I joined on Saturday no trying to login but cant find server. I thought that I was unique but it seem to be a common problem. I am in the U.K


i have a problem logging into Alveo, Taking a long time to find the server.


I'm in the US and cannot log in either


some as mine! uninstalled and reinstall.. cant solved the problem...


Everyone is having problems. Haven't heard a peep from anyone in support.


I just download the alveo software, i try to login but this taking too much time, its that normal

Val T

I don't think the platform comes on until around 4pm EST on Sundays.


Val T

Monday did have an issue with servers.

Jun 4, 2018
Servers Not Available
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Jun 4, 17:22 UTC
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented. We are monitoring results.
Jun 4, 14:15 UTC

You can click on System Status in green at bottom of page here if you want and sign up for the emails.

Val T


Cannot connect to server.... resolved it seems for now. Maybe it was just lagging?

Second edit; popped back off. hmmm...

Mike Smith

Alveo's acting like Ford transmission, :D.


Yes, unfortunately Alveo cannot find a server.


I have a Ford Van. I replaced the transmission 2 months ago. Maybe Avleo will come up soon.


All this reliability for only $97 a month. Alveo is really second rate.


At least we can't lose trades while Alveo is down.


OK I'm not the only one. I had a rough trading day glad I can't lose any trades right now!


Seems like the server is giving trouble :(


chris_4, BS just considering the source. For a fact, there is nothing better out there at any better price. But money is not the issue, it is the great training and opportunity we get. Did you get something better? Why are you here pitching crap?


rookie no more - I agree. nothing better out there for the price and great training and opportunity

Happy and prosperous trading to all you Bees



I haven't seen the usual plethora of posts but am I the only one that "can't find the server"


rookie no more, you are not the only one.

Blake D

Nope, I've been trying to log in for over 2 hours now. Very frustrating. So much for that new upgrade

Larry Shinabargar

I have been trying to log in for over 2hrs. Sure would like to know what is going on. Maybe I need to be on VPS


it's such a nice day I wonder if anyone in NV even knows its down?

Blake D

At least we know it's an Apiary issue and not ours individually


somehow I'd rather it was mine...:(

The issue that I see, this is much longer than usual and its a very nice Sunday evening weekend, We need to get Setti up and running.

Blake D

I agree, I had cancelled plans for Sunday evening in hopes to get an early start on the trading week and now I'm stuck here waiting for a sever to be found


This is the second time in two weeks that Alveo was down to start the week. Not good!


I'm not usually one to complain, I saw the same thing happen on a Monday morning when the tech got to work At the strick of the hour the system was up in minutes, I think it's the same now, no one is home and the server alarms/pages on the off mode. Our techs work hard and deserve some free time. But just saying if you on call, where are you?


I called 911 Maybe I shouldn't have They asked who's Alveo ???


I live about an hour from the apiary office. I could send my computer tech husband down to fix everything. To bad we don't have a key to get in. LOL Most likely they have people working on it already. We just need to be patient.


Well, that's it for me, I'm off to bed. I'll take care of the trades in the am. Happy Pippignall and no videos of the empty parking lot... but I'm sure a tech could just dial in a reset the farm. I mean my tech's did 20 + years ago...


Down on the East coast... @ 9:20pm.


I'm back and I see so is Alveo, must be my tin foil hat!