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I just made my day!

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I just made my day!

I am so inspired by watching Shawn work his magic scalping. Yesterday I was devastated watching my trade go bad on the Eur/USD, I work up Friday morning with a negative 861 pips. I tried some muliples London breakouts and I didn't set any stop loses. I thought about Shawn doing those quick short 2 pips TP sizes. So being 861 pips in the hole I thought maybe I should try 20 pips TP and use multiple buy stop orders on the same currency pairs and it worked! Today I am up plus 157 pips. If it wasn't for me watching and believing in Shawn''s strategy. I could have been real down on myself and gave up. Thanks Shawn for teaching me how to trade and thanks for creating the Apiary Fund training program.

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 4:16pm

Encouraging to hear that .

Yes, there are numerous other scalping strategies from Apiary that we could use to possibly recover losses or even use to scalp to make a lot of possible profits .


Great story/example! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.


I really like to scalp on the 5 min. chart, I'll scalp anywhere from 2.5 pips up to around 8 pips or so per scalp.
Usually all I go for are 20 pips per day. I'm done most mornings within 1 1/2 hours.
Then that's it, the rest of the day is for me......20 pips doesn't sound like much, but as
your account grows just use the power of compounding to grow that 20 pips.

Trade without fear....


WOW! Great job! Thanks for sharing


That's great work! Thank you, Apiary Fund.


seekwku very cool. Which strategy did you use? Thanks



Thank you for your story.

I view you as a brave man.

I can't trade without staring at the screen.

The crazy market conditions in the USA make it very hard for me to think of trading long term trends. Mnuchin talks down the USD. Then 10 yr interest rates pop to 2.84%. The stock market crashes....Other than that things are really calm......


Arthur, I agree with you...the USA is So volatile right now. I ran a fib on the DJX using the 1Day 5 Year back to Jan 2016. We are now below the 23.6% retracement at 238.60. If we go to 61.8% the DJX will be at: 196.77. I'm also watching the interest rate. What number do you think it will take on the 10 Yr to see the big funds start moving capital into funds.....3%, 4% somewhere in between?

Of course we could be up 1000 pts tomorrow....again.


Arthur, sorry I meant moving money into the 10 yr treasury.


Congratulations! Listening to Shawn Lucas has help me improve my trading. We have good mentors.

Good Luck going forward.

Bill Stearns

that's a great come-back mate,Shawn's method surely pay's off
multiple trades with small profits make big profitable days


is it possible to set an automatic stop loss of 10 pips, and automatic tp of 2 pips?


seems i can only do it in currency value


I'm glad you explained all of this. I use the multiple trading too. But I have a suggestion you might have not seen yet. The trade that went hugely negative should be looked at closer. Study it. Find out if you could have possible stalked that trade before it happened and taken a lot of those pips. I find when I start studying for big moves and keep focusing on it every day, that I see them coming and I do get a few trades that way. And, you know, when they're big they're AWSOME!


Wow, All I know is Anything longer than a 15 min chart has potential to move against you more than I am comfortable with. Like namjamman, I think a closer look at that trade would reveal at least a pivot point where you could have placed a stop loss. Any trade I put on is accompanied with a SL. It is your protection against some major losses. My suggestion is learn to trade with SL's. Trying to recuperate a loss takes a lot of time and effort just to get back to breakeven or where you were before the loss took place. It's a head game as well. Big pips made are always great but and make you feel like you have the tiger by the tail but protect them while you go. I also believe that a lot of small gains will eventually make you more in the end even if it's just your sanity. I hope this helped and happy trading.


Seekwku , be careful if that ever goes the wrong way you are in trouble. Good job, that took a lot of guts.