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I love my Setup

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I love my Setup

This Is my Computer Setup. I have an HP Z800 workstation With Dual Xeon X5675 processors. 72 GB ram with an SSD hard drive for the Operating system then a Raid 5 setup for storage. 5 Monitors. Also have the Blue Yeticaster Microphone setup which is awesome for any type of audio conferencing.

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 1:53am

Lol. I was expecting a trading strategy doh!


LMAO no the Forum is Computer Setups. I tried to upload a picture but it would not work.


Your setup sounds amazing. Once i learn how to be consistent, then I may reward myself with a new "setup" similar to yours, lol.




For attachment, try this:
* click "File attachments"
* click the "Browse..." button that will appear in a kind-of drop-down menu
* once you find the file (browse), then click the "Attach" button
* then click "Save" button to send the post (with the attachment) to the forum.

(doing this from memory. hope it helps with posting your setup. I'm always on the lookout for some ideas for computer setups. :D )


Alveo = I love my Setup

Without comparison a Powerful performance by design.


Take Care
Raymond Cassius Sananda


reading new threads on the phone I don't get to see the forum structure. scroll back to see my set up.


I still can't attach a picture


I figured it out, Files cannot be bigger than 2MB


Oooooo... Nice!


You got it made !




WOW! Now that is a home office for trading! I wish to do a great setup as well once I become a better funded trader and be able dedicate more time to it. Thanks for sharing.





Isaiah S

Very nice. I see your trading spotlight on TOS. Are you having some success with that setup? Thanks for sharing.


Very professional wit excellent taste.


That is quite a setup! Nicely done!!


Very nice setup. Looking forward to doing something similar in the future


Just curious... why do you need all of that? i mean you can only look at one chart at a time, What am i missing that you'd need 5 monitors? I'm not trying to be rude, I have seen this before and I never understood it.


Great question. I would live to know how you use those monitors with your trading. Give me some good ideas.


thats a great setup , i could use a second monitor

Nick Sammy

I can just see Shawn wobbling on five screens with five accounts at once. He could have gotten his new truck in less than a week.


Multiple monitors are shown in the photo to chart different contracts or time frames. In this setup, the left monitor has four charts, top one has two, center one is the trading platform, the right is dedicated to one chart for the whole screen, the far right is monitoring a chat. It is useful to be able to see multiple time frames as well as all contracts you trade without having to toggle from screen to screen, and it is useful to have one chart showing at least 100-150 bars to see how price has been moving.


Looks great. Personally I'm looking for an ideal laptop set up. I like the portability of the laptop. I'll try and get the biggest screen I can. Not sure how much storage space I need or how much RAM I will need. Suggestions are welcome.

Ronnie Rae

Impressive, great setup


I'm using a laptop, I guess it's combo or something since it's flips and is touch screen. What I love is the solid state drive, it's very fast and I don't have a need for storage. 8 gigs of ram has been working out great too and battery life is worth a full day. I did make adjustments due to the lack of screen space, but I actually think this has helped me focus on one pair at a time.


Nice arniep


Sounds great - trading is so much more pleasurable when one has a system that one finds comfortable to work on.

C J Hall

Nice setup! I'm just using an ASUS laptop for my trading now. Once I get funding then I will look into other options.


I want a nice set up so badly. I totally understand 5 monitors though I think I saw that Shawn used just a laptop to make his first million. Some of this is about focus, learning styles and trading styles. I struggle with focus. I trade with all the charts time frames open. It's nice to have plenty of room for all the charts and then a monitor just for orders. Having a good set up enhances trading. I hope to have a new laptop and a cool setup in the future!


arniep - great setup, love day when i am profitable then i will have a setup like yours : -)


Keep it simple


waow arniep what a wonderful setup, maybe you also can try to flip one of the monitor in the far left/right into "a portrait" configuration, it is very useful to take advantage of that kind of view too.




Be careful with too many monitors as they give off too much blue lights that can affect your sleep. I think my ideal setup a nice laptop with a nice projector with a nice comfortable couch in a home movie theater setting. I can watch the market dance like watching a movie with awesome music playing in the background.


Thanks for sharing.


Arniep, very nice. Did you design this yourself or use a computer shop or bigger like HP or Dell? I am more interested in your monitor setup and the structure behind it including the video cards. I have multiple screens of multiple computers, but am looking to consolidate with a more organized system. To those wondering why - I trade multiple market including futures, options, stocks and Forex. It is very useful to have multiple screens. It is like having more real estate for a mall. THe more screens you have, the more information at your finger tips. To just trade a single pair in Forex with a single strategy, 1 screen or a laptop is fine. That is why Shawn does it that way. But to trade many markets or even multiple pairs in Forex, watching and monitoring volatility and the macro picture is a must.

thanks for the forum thread.


Nice! How much does it cost? I am serious.


Wow Amlep, that looks awesome!


Arniep that's a nice computer set up.


Nice set up Arniep and I totally get why having multiple monitors to be very helpful and agree with Jeng00 comments


Wow! That is a great setup!


Very Kool




Nice Setup


looks great
I am not jealous at all ;)


wow, that is some serious stuff! put to shame my laptop with another old screen


Its very nice and adds to the convenience of some Strategies. I recently came across a strategy that requires 3 separate time charts to correlate to execute the trade. Being able to see all of them at once will save valuable time and make the trade most effective.


Nice setup


I see why you love your set up! It looks awesome!


I love a nice setup too but it all depends on how much you want to look at concurrently and also if you like sitting in front of the PC all day or hours at a time... One thing for sure though is that we need to make sure a decent spec PC or laptop and internet connection is A MUST!


"I love a nice setup too but it all depends on how much you want to look at concurrently and also if you like sitting in front of the PC all day or hours at a time."

Maybe the first question we have to ask ourselves ... what kind of strategy suits me? Long or short term?

"One thing for sure though is that we need to make sure a decent spec PC or laptop and internet connection is A MUST!"

I love Mac's, but can't trade on them.

I got a very cheap 180$ second hand Windows laptop running Alveo + MT4 only on the sideline. Does the job. I don't watch Netflix on them ;-)

At least it give me a bigger screen to seperate Alveo and MT4.

And mac for my silly postings on the forum ;-)