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I think I am lucky in Silver 1

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I think I am lucky in Silver 1

When I started trading with Alveo, it is hard to make 20 pips a day. Most of the days, I lose. Copper and bronze steps are easy and I can finish these two steps in 1 month. When I started silver 1, it is hard to finish it. I could not get 3,3,3 and 25,5,24 for 2 weeks. I tried to put overnight orders with stop loss 1:2 risk/reward but most of them stopped out with loss within 24 hrs. Finally, I sold the Euro/Jpy pair with down trends overnight ,no stop loss with micro lots for about 10 trades. Next day , when I checked it , I won about 600 pips. I can"t believe it. But, I could not close out right away because it was under 24 hrs and when I closed them, I won only 300 pips.Before that, I checked the trends and I placed the order overnight with stop loss but only few trades I could take profit. I like to trade Euro/Jpy pair, it moves really fast.I think in Swing trades, trend is really important.

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 12:25am

Yes aungmin, I believe silver I takes a little bit of luck and trading with the trend and an untypical strategy. If you place stops where you would normally put them you will never get there.


You are lucky indeed, augmin71.
Without a strategy even! ;)

In silver 1, I also placed many trades without stoploss and takeprofit.
There is no strategy to that. Just to pass the test.

One advice will be to not close all your winners. You will need them in Silver 2 and up.
Just a heads up ;)

Happy trading!


just remember your ratio's, that's what it all about ;)


Difficulty in understanding 3-3-3 in Silver 1. Do we need exact 3 pips in 5 trades within 3 minutes.? I got 3.15 pip does that count?